IBANEZ AU Concert Ukulele Open Pore Natural Incl. Gigbag

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****Product Features****

– Okoume Neck
The Okoume neck provides greater playing comfort.

– Purpleheart fretboard
The Purpleheart fretboard emphasizes the beauty and the rich tonal character of this bass.

– Spruce top
Spruce remains the most popular wood for acoustic guitar tops, mainly due to its pristine tonal clarity.

– Solid Paulownia back and sides
The light weight Paulownia back and sides offer well-balanced tone with superior note definition and added brightness.

– Ibanez Undersaddle pickup
The Ibanez Undersaddle Pickup accurately reproduces the acoustic nature of the bass.

– Ibanez AEQ-2U preamp w/Onboard tuner
The AEQ-2U preamp provides the extra punch of on-board EQ and a convenient, easy-to-read digital tuner.

– Purpleheart double hole bridge
The double hole bridge makes string changes super easy as there is no need to bend the strings or tie a knot at the end. This also helps maintain the correct string tension, which enhances tuning stability.

– Gig bag included
It comes with Ibanez gig bag which is designed specifically to fit and protect this instrument.

****Special Features****

– Stereo Sound Port System
The dual sound holes on the waist provide a unique surround sound effect, helping players more effectively monitor their sound.

– Elevated Comfort Armrest
This Elevated Comfort Armrest can prevent your arm from touching the body top to provide richer sound and natural sustain while providing extreme playing comfort.

– Beveled Cutaway
The Beveled Cutaway offers exceptional high fret access.

– Edgeless Comfort Heel
The Edgeless Comfort Heel is smoothly rounded toward the cutaway, allowing for easy playing in any position.

– Chambered body (Acoustic)
Its body starts as a solid block of wood and is routed out, so that the back and sides are a single piece of wood. A top is then added to complete the body.
This construction method gives this instrument a unique sound.

Herstellungsland CHINA
Serie AU
Anzahl der Saiten 4
Farbe Open Pore Natural
Korpusform AU concert
Korpusdecke Fichte
Zargen Massives Paulownia Holz
Korpusrückseite Massives Paulownia Holz
Korpus-Finish Open Pore Polyurethane
Komplette Länge (mm) 610
Korpuslänge (mm) 280
Korpusbreite (mm) 205
Korpusdicke (mm) 64.599999999999994
Halsmaterial Okoume
Mensur (inch) 15
Mensur (mm) 382
Halsform AUC
Halsdicke 1. Bund (mm) 17.5
Halsdicke 7. Bund (mm) 20.7
Hals-Finish Open Pore Polyurethane
Hals-Korpus-Übergang Dübelverbindung
Position des Hals-Korpus-Übergangs 14. Bund
Sattel Kunststoff
Halsbreite Sattel (mm) 37
Halsbreite Ende (mm) 47 am 14. Bund
Griffbrett Purpleheart
Griffbrettradius (mm) 400
Inlay White dot
Anzahl der Bünde 19
Weitere Tonabnehmer Ibanez Undersaddle
Vorverstärker (for Acoustic) Ibanez AEQ2U preamp w/Onboard tuner
Schaltungen 1 Lautsärke (Stimmgerät an/aus), Bässe, Höhen
Ausgangsbuchse 1/4″ Endpin Jack
Steg Purpleheart double hole
String spacing (mm) 15
Stimmmechaniken Schwarze Die-cast Mechaniken
Sattelmaterial Kunststoff
Saitenstärken (von hoch nach tief) .026/ .032/ .038/ .028
Stimmung (von hoch nach tief) 1A,2E,3C,4G
Special_Feature_1 Stereo Sound Port System
Special_Feature_2 Elevated Comfort Armrest
Special_Feature_3 Beveled Cutaway
Special_Feature_4 Edgeless Comfort Heel
Special_Feature_5 Chambered body (Acoustic)
Koffer oder Tasche inklusive Inkl. Gig Bag
Weitere inklusiv-Produkte Ukulele starting guide, Aguila tag, Handbuch
Veröffentlichungsdatum 10.01.2024 10:00 (JST)

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