KLOTZ Kabel XLR Microphone Cable 10m 32,8ft black

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manufacturer XLR: KLOTZ
XLR design: metal, nickel-plated
shell/sleeve: black
pins: silver-plated
cable color: black
packaging: cable carrier
weight: 0,57 kg
length: 10 m
cable typ: MY206, 0.22 mm², capacity 60 pF/m (18 pF/ft)
jacket: PVC
shielding: spiral shield
connector 1: XLR 3p. female, nickel or black
connector 2: XLR 3p. male, nickel or black


The M1, our microphone cable for ambitious musicians, has achieved classic status as a stalwart of our range. It guarantees clear, authentic sound pleasure on stage, in the rehearsal room and in the studio. Carefully selected top-quality materials – including lead-free PVC jacket and ultra-effective copper spiral shield – ensure powerful, transparent and assertive sound. The M1’s fat twisted-core design offers great torsional resistance, retains its symmetry and is crushproof, reducing interference to the bare minimum. In combination with extra-low capacitance of a mere 60pF/m and Neutrik XLR connectors, they add the finishing touch for great sound.


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